MARCH 23, 2010


This day will go down in history as being the day one of the most complicated health care laws in the United States was signed. It’s hard to believe 6 years has passed. The struggles of implementing this law on a day-to-day basis are just as difficult today as they were in 2010.  When originally signed, this law was over 2,000 pages! Today there have been thousands of more pages written to help explain the law and assist in the administration. It’s no wonder this law is so complicated and challenging at times! Who has time to read all of that, much less actually understand what they are reading?

Our job here at RCI is to sort through this maze and educate our clients on how the law affects them and their health plan. We want to keep you as informed as possible on upcoming provisions and recent law changes so you are confident that your group health plan is compliant and up-to-date.

This guide is not, by all means, all-inclusive and should not be viewed that way. Many pieces of the Affordable Care Act do not apply to self-funded health insurance plans so we have excluded those. This guide is very precise and is pieced together with provisions we felt were most relevant to our self-funded clients.

The information you are going to find in this guide has been gathered from a number of resources including governmental websites, official seminars, and from talking with the Departments (the DOL, HHS, IRS, and CMS) directly. Below is a list of sites that we would recommend you visit and familiarize yourself with. These sites will give you the most up-to-date information available beyond what you will find in this guide: