RCI History


In 1992, a home-grown western Nebraska business success story quietly began in the basement of Regional West Medical Center.  With just two employees and a mission to contain rising health care costs, Regional Care, Inc. (RCI) was born.

Twenty-five years later, RCI is recognized nationally as a premier independent third-party health plan administrator and resides under the umbrella of Regional West Health Services, western Nebraska's largest provider of health care services.

By hiring skilled, dedicated employees, focusing on customer service, utilizing the latest technology, and expanding on a regular basis, RCI has earned its place as one of the nation's most respected independent third-party administrators.


  • Number of members:  Over 40,000
  • Largest client:  2,000 employees
  • Smallest client:  10 employees
  • Access to two different national networks and multiple regional networks
  • 2016 total number of incoming claims:  656,329
  • 2016 total number of claims processed on a monthly basis:  Over 54,000
  • Total number of employees:  55 (at locations in Scottsbluff, Michigan, Colorado, Idaho, and eastern Nebraska)


With two employees and a mission to help control rising health care costs, RCI was incorporated. The new business was located in the basement of Regional West Medical Center.


Kelley Bean was added as RCI’s first client. Almost 25 years later, Kelley Bean continues to trust RCI with its third-party administration.


Cabela’s was added as a client.


Moved to working with the broker community instead of directly with clients. Received a $500k (over three years) rural health grant to work with network development.


Began working with Midlands Choice to help expand their network in western Nebraska.


Western Plains Community Health Services, an organization consisting of physicians, hospitals, and employer reps, including most hospitals and physicians in western Nebraska, was orginated to negotiate contract rates within the network.  This was the beginning of what is now RCI’s proprietary network.


Flex accounts were introduced.


RCI emerged as one of the first TPAs to look at HSA alternative plan designs and custodial agreements with banks.


Moved to current location at 27th Street and Avenue I in Scottsbluff, Neb.


Denver, Colo. sales office opens.


A new sales office was established in Omaha, Neb.


Due to continued growth, RCI’s office is expanded.


RCI began the process of switching over to  a new claims system compliant with new industry regulations in order to be at the forefront of technology.  Also, entered the level-funded market.


RCI contracted with PHIA, the industry standard in legal advice, to provide compliance support.


RCI rebrands its small group product.  RCI now serves 200 clients in 48 states and is poised for the future.